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India's South African Blues & the ignominy of consecutive 100+ run ODI losses.

Indian batsmen have once again been found wanting in the pacy and bouncy tracks of South Africa. The lack of dry surfaces meant their spinners could neither be among the wickets nor apply brakes on scoring during the middle overs. The result is India trailing 2-0 in the 3-match ODI series. This is the first series loss for India since 1-2 loss against arch rivals Pakistan at the start of this year. In between they won 6 tournaments including the ICC Champions Trophy in England. It’s not just the score line which is worrying the fans & management alike but the margin of defeats in the 2 games so far. India lost the first ODI at Johannesburg by a whopping 141 runs and the second one at Kingsmead again by a huge margin of 134 runs. The latter one was their sixth loss to South Africa in as many matches at the venue.

In this week’s article we look at the instances of consecutive losses in ODIs by a margin of 100 or more runs.

India in South Africa, 2013 - Down & Out!!!

Tournament(s) - Pepsi Cup 1998/99 & Coca-Cola Cup 1998/99
 Lost to Pakistan by 123 runs at Jaipur, 04-Apr-1999 (Final of Pepsi Tri Nation Cup)
 Lost to Pakistan by 116 runs at Sharjah, 08-Apr-1999

Tournament - Carlton & United Series 1999-2000

 Lost to Australia by 152 runs at Adelaide, 26-Jan-2000
 Lost to Pakistan by 104 runs at Perth, 28-Jan-2000

Tournament - India in South Africa, ODI Series, 2006

 Lost to South Africa by 157 runs at Durban, 22-Nov-2006
 Lost to South Africa by 106 runs at Cape Town, 26-Nov-2006

Tournament - India in South Africa, ODI Series, 2013

 Lost to South Africa by 141 runs at Johannesburg, 05-Dec-2013
 Lost to South Africa by 134 runs at Durban, 08-Dec-2013

Tournament – Sri Lanka in Pakistan ODI series 2008/09
 Lost to Sri Lanka by 129 runs at Karachi, 21-Jan-2009
 Lost to Sri Lanka by 234 runs at Lahore, 24-Jan-2009


Tournament - Reliance World Cup, 1987
 Lost to West Indies by 191 runs at Karachi, 13-Oct-1987
 Lost to England by 108 runs at Peshawar, 17-Oct-1987

Tournament - Pak in Sri Lanka, ODI Series 2009
 Lost to Pakistan by 146 runs at Colombo (RPS), 7-Aug-2009
 Lost to Pakistan by 132 runs at Colombo (RPS), 9-Aug-2009


Tournament - Wills World Series, India, 1995
 Lost to West Indies by 135 runs at Guwahati, 1-Nov-1994
 Lost to India by 107 runs at Delhi, 3-Nov-1994

Tournament(s) – Sri Lanka in New Zealand ODI Series 2006/07 & Commonwealth bank series 2006/07
 Lost to Sri Lanka by 189 runs at Auckland, 6-Jan-2007
 Lost to Australia by 105 runs at Hobart, 14-Jan-2007
 # The last ODI of the Sri Lanka - New Zealand series was abandoned after the toss.

Tournament(s) - Chappell-Hadlee Trophy 2007/08 & Natwest Series 2008
 Lost to Australia by 114 runs at Hobart, 20-Dec-2007
 Lost to England by 114 runs at Chester-Le-Street, 15-Jan-2008


Tournament – South Africa in Zimbabwe ODI Series 1995/96
 Lost to South Africa by 134 runs at Harare, 21-Oct-1995
 Lost to South Africa by 112 runs at Harare, 22-Oct-1995

Tournament – South Africa in Zimbabwe ODI Series 2001/02
 Lost to South Africa by 153 runs at Bulawayo, 23-Sep-2001
 Lost to South Africa by 148 runs at Harare, 29-Sep-2001

Tournament - Zimbabwe in South Africa ODI Series 2004/05
 Lost to South Africa by 165 runs at Johannesburg, 25-Feb-2005
 Lost to South Africa by 131 runs at Durban, 27-Feb-2005

Tournament - Videocon Triangular Series 2005
 Lost to New Zealand by 192 runs at Bulawayo, 24-Aug-2005
 Lost to India by 161 runs at Harare, 31-Aug-2005

Tournament – ICC Champions Trophy 2006

 Lost to Sri Lanka by 144 runs at Ahmedabad, 10-Oct-2006
 Lost to Bangladesh by 101 runs at Jaipur, 13-Oct-2006

Tournament(s) – Zimbabwe in New Zealand ODI Series 2011/12 & Zimbabwe in West Indies ODI Series 2012/13
 Lost to New Zealand by 141 runs at Whangarei, 6-Feb-2012
 Lost to New Zealand by 202 runs at Napier, 9-Feb-2012
 Lost to West Indies by 156 runs at St. George’s, 22-Feb-2013

                                                       Zimbabwe during one of those hammerings...


Tournament - Pepsi Asia Cup, 1997
 Lost to Pakistan by 109 runs at Colombo (RPS), 16-Jul-1997
 Lost to Sri Lanka by 103 runs at Colombo (SSC), 24-Jul-1997

Tournament - ICC Champions Trophy 2002/03 & Bangladesh in South Africa ODI Series 2002/03
 Lost to New Zealand by 167 runs at Colombo (SSC), 23-Sep-2002
 Lost to South Africa by 168 runs at Potchefstroom, 3-Oct-2002

Tournament(s) - Bangladesh in Australia ODI Series 2003 & Bangladesh in Pakistan ODI Series 2003
 Lost to Australia by 112 runs at Darwin, 6-Aug-2003
 Lost to Pakistan by 137 runs at Multan, 9-Sep-2003

Tournament(s) - ICC Champions Trophy 2004 & New Zealand in Bangladesh ODI Series 2004/05
 Lost to West Indies by 138 runs at Southampton, 12-Sep-2004
 Lost to New Zealand by 138 runs at Chittagong, 2-Nov-2004

Tournament - Asia Cup, 2010
 Lost to Sri Lanka by 126 runs at Dambulla, 18-Jun-2010
 Lost to Pakistan by 139 runs at Dambulla, 21-Jun-2010

* Australia, England, South Africa & West Indies never lost 2 consecutive ODIs with a 100+ margin.

* Zimbabwe (6), Bangladesh (5), India (4), New Zealand (3), Sri Lanka (2) and Pakistan (1) suffered the    ignominy at least once.

* 7 times the feat spanned across 2 tournaments. It occurred once in World Cup and thrice in Champions      Trophy.

* South Africa was the most ruthless when it comes to inflicting the defeat upon opposition with 5 times.

* Sri Lanka lost their next 2 matches in the Reliance World Cup of 1987 by margins of 25 & 113 runs    respectively against West Indies & Pakistan.

* Zimbabwe had a horror run of 4 losses of 100 or more runs in 5 ODIs in 2005. In the other ODI they    lost by 5 wickets against South Africa.

* Zimbabwe is the only side to lose 3 consecutive ODIs by a margin of 100 runs or more.

* Zimbabwe also had lost first match of the series against New Zealand by a margin of 90 runs.

* Zimbabwe’s 3 consecutive losses spanned over a year, which is the most for this record.

* Zimbabwe (twice) and Bangladesh are the only 2 teams to lose by a margin of 150 runs or more in    consecutive ODIs.

* New Zealand (114 runs) and Bangladesh (138 runs) are the only 2 instances of loss by identical margins.

* Zimbabwe (against South Africa on 21-Oct-1995 & 21-Oct-1996) is the only team to suffer this ignominy in consecutive days.

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